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Roller-ski RSE-ENTRY were developed for people who want to improve their technical skills on roller ski. They were made for light-weight and powerful skiers. This initiation and training product has an aluminium frame offering lightness and resistance. It gives beginners a steady and comfortable ski to make them improve easily.
Sold by pair.

Technical characteristics:

Frame: Alloy Aluminum 6061

Weight (one ski with wheels, without binding): 31.46oz, 887g

Length: 2' 0" axle to axle, 610 mm

Forks: Monoblocks, alloy Aluminum 6061 Clearance frame-ground: 1" 1/8, 29mm Clearance skiboot-ground: 2" 1/4, 57 mm (bindings Salomon), 2" 5/8, 66 mm (bindings Rottefella)

Wheels: 3" 15/16 x 0" 15/16, 100 x 24 mm; hardness (speed) to choose:

Bearings: ABEC 7 Waterproof

Bindings to choose

!!! Prepared roller skis can not be returned.


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"Records fall, athletes come and go, the values still remain".

Olivier barnett, 1991