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The sunglasses GLASS-1 are specially designed for the practice to do sport: optimal protection of the UV and good resistance during the movement.

The barnett sports glasses are sold with a protective cover and 3 sets of glasses that adapt to all situations and luminosity outdoors:

Mirror lenses allow you to practice your sport in sunny weather thanks to their anti-glare technology
The yellow lenses will offer a better contrast
The gray lenses will be perfect in covered weather
Very practical, the glasses unclip and re-clip very easily with one hand: do not hesitate to change it during your training if the brightness evolves.

Barnett advocates the use of its glasses for the practice of these sports: bicycle, ski-wheel, cross-country skiing, walking, running, trail, baseball ...

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"Records fall, athletes come and go, the values still remain".

Olivier barnett, 1991