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- Three individually wrapped mouthguards per order.
- One size fits all, from 13 years.
- No latex. 

Bring water to boiling point. Hold the guard by the strap. Dip guard into the water until it's completely covered, about 7 seconds.

Remove from the hot water. Immediately, place the guard into the mouth. Press your tongue against the back of the upper teeth and while holding the guard firmly in this position. Suck out all the air and water until it comes to a tight fit around the upper teeth.

- Remove the guard and place it under cold water. If you do not get a tight fit the first time, repeat the procedure.
- Attach the strap to the helmet at desired length. If the strap is not needed, remove it with a sharp knife or siccors.
-Clean with water after using.

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"Records fall, athletes come and go, the values still remain".

Olivier barnett, 1991