BGBW-3 Initiation baseball set, youth - Ball, Glove, Wooden bat (BB-W 25", JL-110 11", BS-1 9")

Perfect for beginners and children.

1 x BB-W Wooden baseball bat, 25" (63,50 cm). Made from composite wood. Only use together with softer balls.

1 x JL- 110 Baseball glove, 11", black. Initiation vinyl glove, enables even the youngest to discover baseball. Polyurethane, 2 foldings, closed pocket, palm reinforcement, very comfortable with soft inside, resistant to abrasion thanks to its double polyurethane layer.

1 x BS-1 Baseball ball, 9". Vinyl cover, double half pick-up seams, soft foam inside. Indoor practice, perfect for children.  

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