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 VTT Carbon - Mountain bike
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    - MTB 29 - Carbon Frame - Rock Shox Sid Forks - Prologo saddle - XT Shimano Group (11 speeds) - Crossmax light Mavic wheels - Aluminum barnett handlebar and stem Our frames and barnett bikes are remarkably designed and we are proud of them. The studies that led to the development of these products were focused on the weight / performance and rigidity / comfort that lead to a surprising quality of driving.

    TT-01 carbon frame Bicycle in TIME TRAIL bike frame, bike frame, carbon frame, Carbon Bike, Time Trial
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      The frame that we propose was conceived with the aim of being able to satisfy the search of the performance during your races against the clock. Its aestheticism has been designed to obtain a sober and uncluttered appearance.

      Bike textile - long sleeved jacket, black windbreaker bike, bike textile, bike textile for men, bike jersey, jersey
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        Jacket with long sleeves, windbreaker for men, black with white designs. This jacket has been designed for the cyclist who wants to combine technicality and performance. Very well cut, it follows the forms while leaving a great breathability and a wide range of movement. Its material protects you from the wind without weighing you down on your bike outings. Closes with a zip. Small high collar, with barnett logo very discreet 3 very practical pockets at the back. Zip pouch at the back with a...

        KS29 Helmet for BIKE and Ski Wheels WHITE
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          Bike helmet and ski wheels KS29 The helmet barnett has been specially designed for the sport of skiing and biking.It is approved to CE standards (CE EN 1078 / ASTM F1447). Characteristics : Size S, M or L (see below how to choose the right size)Light weight: between 215 and 240g depending on the sizeMaterials: polycarbonateVentilation and optimal comfort: fine absorption foam / 27 ventsJaw protectionDetachable and washable interiorAdjustable width and heightInsect net on the front of the...

          FS-10 Reinforced compression shorts, 5 integrated pieces, for American football American football shorts, shorts for American football, protection shorts, protection for American football
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            Compression shorts for American football. New generation of protection : soft tissue and safeguards. This short integrates directly with the shields. Use either in training or in match. 5 integrated parts ensuring the protection of the different parts of the body : Protection of the coccyx Protection of the thigh Protection of the hips Elasticated and comfortable waistband.

            RCC-CARBON Roller Ski Competition carbon roller ski, carbon roller ski youth
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              Roller ski RCC-CARBON are perfect for training and high-level competition. Their low profile format allows you to feel as if skiing on snow. The carbon frame guarantees an unequalled lightness and a very good stiffness for a better energy transmission to the roller-ski. The propulsion is made easier thanks to no moving back wheels. Highly resistant monoblock forks also ensure stable trajectories and important reduction of vibrations. Sold by pair. Technical characteristics:Frame: 100% carbon...

              WRC-01 TUBELESS DISC Carbon Bike Wheels (Pair) barnett, bike, carbon, sport, wheel, wheels
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                WRC-01 Carbon Bike Wheels (TUBELESS) Barnett now offers 100% carbon wheels: lightweight and durable, they will bring you comfort and performance. Ideal for training and running. Tubeless compatible Fir spokes (flat spokes) Quick release (quick release) Ultra light carbon hubs Weight of 28x25: 1356g in total (front: 600g and rear 756g) Weight of 35x25: 1396g in total (front: 622g and rear 774g) Tubeless 28x25 Tubeless35x25 Disc Tubeless35x25 Disc Tubeless50x25 Tubular35x25 Front wheels 600 g...

                FL-115 baseball glove, high quality, leather, infield/outfield 11", light gray baseball gloves, full leather, i web, infield gloves, leather, outfield gloves, professional gloves
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                  Full leather baseball glove infield / outfield Raw leather lacing Open basket: I WEB Very comfortable padding Back open Full leather (high quality)) Size: 29.21 cm (11.5") Very soft palm reinforcement, high abrasion resistance with exceptional leather quality Size Guide baseball gloves: Age and type of the glove Size of the glove in inches 5-6 years 9" to 10.5" junior 7-8 years 10.5" to 11" junior 9-12 years 11" to 11.5" junior Adolescent infield 11" to 11.5" Adolescent outfield 12" to 13" ...

                  Bike textile - short sleeve Jersey, white bike jersey, bike textile, pink bike jersey, women textile
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                    Short-sleeved women's jersey, white. This jersey has been designed for women cyclists who want to combine technicality and aesthetics. Very well cut, it marries the forms while leaving a great breathability. Its comfort will bring you a wide range of motion. Closes with a zip. Bands hanging on the arms and hips. Small high collar, with barnett logo very discreet 3 very practical pockets at the back. Zip pouch at the back with a reflective band + a second reflective band under the central back...

                    HEAT PRO competition rugby headgear rugby helmet, head protection rugby, helmet rugby, helmet flag football, flag football helmet
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                      Used for Flag Football, 7 on 7 Passing Leagues, High School Summer Leagues and Rugby. Adjustable chin strap and rear laces insure proper fit. 100% nylon and spandex, expanded and thermoformed EVA foam, airings for sweat evaporation. Washable and easily stored. Team discounts available. Size Chart,  Size Head measurements:  XL 60 cm / 24'' L 58 cm / 23"1/4 M 56 cm / 22"1/2 S 54 cm / 21"1/2 XS 50 cm / 20"3/4

                      VISION I Football shoulder pad, QB-WR-DB football shoulder pad
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                        VISION I competition football shoulder pads, QB-WR for match, offers both protection and ease of motion. Very high quality, ideal shoulder pads designed for the skill positions: QB-WR-DB. Clamping through 2 elastic strips. Very resistant ABS shell, dual density PU foam, cushions with heavy duty nylon. Very comfortable and secure. Anti-microbial treatment.

                        BG-01 Long bike gloves: Light, isolating, high-performance bike gloves, gloves bike, cycling gloves
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                          Cycling gloves for competitions and training, long fingers, ideal for midseasons. New design. Clarino and silicone grip. Velcro latch with “Barnett” logo. Nylon seams. Wash using soap and water

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